Delhi XI vs Mumbai XI 46th Match at Sharjah, 02 Oct, 2021

Toss: Delhi, who chose to bowl
Mumbai XI 129/8 (20)
Delhi XI 132/6 (19.1)
Delhi Capitals won by 4 wickets
Man of the Match: Axar Patel
  • Ravichandran Ashwin 20 * (21)
  • Shreyas Iyer 33 * (33)

Over 1.6 Avesh Khan bowls a pitched up delivery to Quinton de Kock, Boundary! Moves across in the crease and  whipped away through midwicket by de Kock for four

Over 2.4 Ravichandran Ashwin tossed up delivery to Suryakumar Yadav,Six!  Goes down on his knee and swat-sweeps this flat over deep square leg for six!

Over 7.2 Ravichandran Ashwin bowls it short of length to Suryakumar Yadav,Six!  Rock back in the crease and pulls it high and handsome over deep mid-wicket and gets a maximum.

Over 10.5 Axar Patel tossed up delivery to Saurabh Tiwary, Boundary! Gets under the ball and lofts it cleanly, right over Axar's head. Sweet timing as the ball almost goes the distance.

Over 16.4 Kagiso Rabada bowls it short of length to Krunal Pandya, Boundary! Takes his eyes off the ball and hooks it towards backward square leg. The timing and placement is good enough to beat the fielder

Over 17.1 Anrich Nortje bowls a good length delivery to Hardik Pandya, Boundary! Waits for the slower delivery to dip in front of him and lofts it right over the bowler's head for a cracking boundary

Over 17.3 Anrich Nortje bowls it short of length to Hardik Pandya, Boundary! Goes deep in his crease to pull this through square leg as he manages to beat Iyer near the boundary.

Over 18.5 Avesh Khan bowls a pitched up delivery to Jayant Yadav, Boundary! Gets forward and smashes it right over the bowler's head for a boundary