Canada vs Hong Kong 29th Match at Abu Dhabi, 24 Oct, 2019

Toss: Hong Kong , elected to bat first
Hong Kong 149/7 (20)
Canada 118/9 (20)
Hong Kong won by 32 runs
Man of the Match: Kinchit Shah
  • Jeremy Gordon 1 * (2)
  • Saad Bin Zafar 1 * (1)

Over 16.3Nasrulla Rana to Dillon Heyliger Runout at the non-striker end ...

Over 16.6Nasrulla Rana to Dillon Heyliger No runs ...

Over 17.2Kyle Christie bowls wideball to Dillon Heyliger, gets forward and leaves it outside off to the wicket keeper.Wide ball

Over 17.2Kyle Christie bowls short of length delivery to Dillon Heyliger, and he is caught by the fielder in the deep.He is Caught