Betting analysis in BPL

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Published on: Nov 09, 2019

The Bangladesh Premier League is the biggest crowd-pulling cricketing event in the country. It has not just generated unprecedented viewership but has also increased the wealth of those who are associated with it. Because of its popularity, it’s imperative that you plan your betting strategy beforehand.

In this article, we will look at the betting analysis in BPL. But before we begin you can start with bpl betting at for a firm grasp of the tournament. The seventh edition of BPL is going to take place soon, so start crunching numbers and make safe bets. BPL 2020 will begin 5th December and will end by 11th January 2020

A Bit of Background

The first BPL was played in the year 2012. Bangladesh has a cricket frenzied audience, but it has limited facilities. Money was thrown at the teams and events, but the games were played in only two stadiums, one in Dhaka and the other in Chittagong. With 33 games lined up for the tournament, there were only six teams in total. Since 2012, many things have improved. Be it the number of stadiums and the number of teams. BPL has enhanced its reach and has become more diverse in its approach. In fact, now it’s more global than before and the opportunity to bet and win big amounts of money has also increased.

Sponsors and Broadcasters

Bangladesh Premier League has a global viewership. As the migrants from the country drive its foreign viewership, BPL has partnered with British and Irish broadcasters. MTV sports too has telecast rights. In Bangladesh, the BPL is shown on Channel 9 and Bangladesh Television.

Large companies own different teams in the Bangladesh Premier League. These include Beximco Group that owns Dhaka Dynamites, Comilla Victorians owned by Legends Sporting Limited, Khulna Titans owned by Gemcon Group and others. The idea is the sheer presence of strong companies behind these teams.

So, the funds aren’t a restraint in the BPL. There’s enough cashflow and games generate ample hype among cricket lovers. There have been six seasons of BPL so far. Games that will begin from December 2019 will mark the beginning of the seventh season of BPL.

Team Analysis

When analysing teams that can bring you the desired results don’t just focus on the players in particular but a winning combination. For example, check who are the underdogs in that tournament? Who can win despite the perception going against them? Is there anything odd that others aren’t aware of?

All the above questions matter in the game of cricket and the betting strategy. Your skill of qualitative and quantitative research matters when calculating the betting odds. Check the previous records and try to find the surprising trend that no one was able to predict and try to see if events follow a trend.

Keeping the above points in mind and utilizing every piece of information can help you to better your betting strategies and win money. Whether you bet for the losing team or the winning team, you will feel much more confident with all the information you’ll have.

Hope this initial article sets you on the right path to discover the BPL betting strategies

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