Chennai XI vs Punjab XI 16th Match at Chennai, 21 Mar, 2010

Toss: Chennai Super Kings, who chose to bowl first
Punjab XI 136/8 (20)
Chennai XI 136/7 (20)
Match tied (Kings XI Punjab won the super over)
Man of the Match: J Theron
  • JA Morkel 11 * (12)

Over 8.4: Bowled him! R Powar to M Hayden, flatter trajectory delivery, steps out too early and is beaten in the air, he tries a desperate cut and misses it to get clean bowled.

Over 12.3: Run Out at the Striker's end! J Theron to Parthiv Patel, short of length delivery, looks to pull it doesn't get hold of it and they decide to steal a a single from the bowler. But Theron is quick to kick it onto the stumps to run out Raina!

Over 12.6: Out LBW! J Theron to M Vijay, pitched up delivery, moves deep in the crease for a flick and is hit on the pad by a full ball. It didn't look close enough but Harper raised his finger up after the appeal. Seemed to be sliding down the leg, only possibility of that being out was if VJ shuffled far too across.

Over 13.6: He is Caught! Yuvraj to S Badrinath, quicker and flatter in the air, goes back for a cut and edges the arm ball to Sanga who fumbles initially but takes it in the second attempt! 35 from 36 balls to win

Over 17.2: Stumped Out! P Chawla to Parthiv Patel, flighted delivery, steps out making room and is foxed by a wide googly which leaves him stranded and present an easy stumping for Sanga. 16 from 16

Over 18.4: Bowled him! J Theron to M Gony, pitched up delivery, makes room for a wild slog and is cleaned up by a full ball. 10 from 8

Over 19.6: He is Caught! I Pathan to R Ashwin, pitched up delivery, blasts that juicy one straight into the hands of Kaif at mid off! The match is tied and we are going to have a Super Over!