Chennai XI vs Punjab XI 11th Match at Mumbai, 03 Apr, 2022

Toss: Chennai, who chose to bowl
Punjab XI 180/8 (20)
Chennai XI 126/10 (18)
Punjab won by 54 runs
Man of the Match: Liam Livingstone

    Over 1.3: Boundary!. Kagiso Rabada to Robin Uthappa,

    Over 2.1: Boundary!. Vaibhav Arora to Robin Uthappa,

    Over 5.4: Boundary!. Arshdeep Singh to Shivam Dube,

    Over 6.1: Boundary!. Vaibhav Arora to AT Rayudu,

    Over 6.5: Boundary!. Vaibhav Arora to Shivam Dube,

    Over 9.6: Boundary!. Odean Smith to Shivam Dube,

    Over 10.4: Boundary!. Rahul Chahar to Shivam Dube,

    Over 11.6: Boundary!. Arshdeep Singh to Shivam Dube,

    Over 14.1 Liam Livingstone bowls a good length delivery to Shivam Dube, Boundary! Gets forward and swings hard as the ball turns back into him, it takes a thick inside edge and runs away past short fine

    Over 16.3 Liam Livingstone bowls it short of length to MS Dhoni, Boundary! Makes room and looks to cut , still gets the boundary though as it runs away fine off the edge