Australia vs England 1st Test at Brisbane, 08 Dec, 2021

Toss: England, who chose to bat
England 147/10 (50.1)  &  297/10 (103)
Australia 427/10 (104.3)  &  20/1 (5.1)
Australia won by 9 wickets
Man of the Match: Travis Head
  • Marcus Harris 9 * (10)
  • Marnus Labuschagne 0 * (0)

Over 1.5 Chris Woakes bowls a pitched up delivery to Marcus Harris, no run, came forward to drive and the edge cannoned onto pad. Root though took the review and wasted it

Over 1.6 Chris Woakes bowls a good length delivery to Marcus Harris, no run, gets forward and left alone outside off through to the keeper.

Over 2.2 Ollie Robinson bowls a pitched up delivery to Marcus Harris, no run, gets forward and went for a drive away from the body, the ball beats the outside edge of the bat.

Over 2.3 Ollie Robinson bowls a good length delivery to Marcus Harris,1 run, gets forward and works to backward square leg

Over 4.1 Ollie Robinson bowls a good length delivery to Marcus Harris, no run, gets forward and defends it back to the bowler.

Over 4.2 Ollie Robinson bowls a back of length delivery to Marcus Harris, 3 runs, gets on top of the bounce and punches it square of the wicket on the off-side and picks up three runs.

Over 4.4 Ollie Robinson bowls a good length delivery to Marcus Harris, no run, gets forward and  defended to mid-on

Over 4.5 Ollie Robinson bowls a good length delivery to Marcus Harris,1 run, gets forward and clips it away through square leg and picks up an easy single.

Over 4.6 Ollie Robinson bowls a good length delivery to Alex Carey, out Caught by Buttler!!  Carey who pokes and edges. Clear edge and umpire Rod Tucker raises the finger.

Over 5.1 Ollie Robinson bowls a pitched up delivery to Marcus Harris, Boundary! Leans forward and square-driven to the fence and gets the winning runs with a boundary.

Australia won by 9 wickets and lead the series with 1-0

Joe Root (ENG): Frustration I think, we worked really hard to get back in the game last night and we knew that if we got through the new ball unscathed and carried that partnership forward, we would really give ourselves a good opportunity to go on and post some sort of total which would've kept us in the game. We saw how the pitch develop throughout the day, it's a bit more uneven, still have sideways movement, the cracks are appearing. It's a shame we couldn't get through that initial phase because it could've been very different. It is easy to look back in hindsight - one thing I will say is we wanted variation in our attack, we wanted to change the pace of the game and move through different gears throughout the innings. If we are being honest, we can't create as many chances as we did and put them down. Our bowlers were excellent. We have got to be better in the field and with the bat. 40/4 is not a position to start a Test series, we know where we need to get better but I do think the way we responded in the second innings showed a great amount of character and fight. If anything it falls on me for giving him too aggressive fields too early, not allowing him to settle and give him a bit more of a chance early on [on Jack Leach]. Jack is a fine spinner in the 20-odd Tests he has played, he has shown what an instrumental part he can play within this team and I'm sure he will play a big part in the series moving forward. It's really important in a five-match Test series, we don't feel too sorry for ourselves on the back of this. We have got to remember there is a huge amount of cricket to play. There are a lot of good things to take from this game, we felt we were very much in the game for long periods of time. We were on the wrong side of the weather breaks and with the two-and-a-half-hour sessions on the second morning made it quite difficult to keep the bowlers fresh but these things happen, you got to learn and become stronger for it and that's exactly what we will do for the rest of the series

Pat Cummins (AUS): Really enjoyed it, lot of things did go right probably from the toss, overcast conditions, wicket had a bit in it and to turn up on day 2 - under blue skies, someone's smiling over me. Really proud of everyone. A really complete performance, the bowlers did everything on day 1 and Marnus-Davey with a big partnership and the way Travis played, it is a sign of a really positive group. I was happy everyone stuck to it - we bowled without much luck yesterday, fair with all the luck on day 1. That's why we want him in the side, he can take the game away in a couple of hours, we have seen him do it for South Australia. He averages 45 now, he is still young but is an old pro with the amount of first-class cricket he has played and hopefully he is away now [on Travis Head]. He was a little bit sore yesterday, with a five-match Test series, did not want to try and break him yesterday and he pulled up OK today. When I had 20 to go, we couldn't find him [smiles], we looked everywhere in the stadium. He is fine, we did not want to risk him and he will be alright for Adelaide [on David Warner].

Travis Head is the Player of the Match