England vs New Zealand 1st Semi-Final at Abu Dhabi, 10 Nov, 2021

Toss: New Zealand, who chose to bowl
England 166/4 (20)
New Zealand 167/5 (19)
New Zealand won by 5 wickets
Man of the Match: Daryl Mitchell

    Over 0.1: Boundary!. Chris Woakes to Martin Guptill,

    Over 3.6: Boundary!. Chris Jordan to Devon Conway,

    Over 5.1 Adil Rashid bowls it short of length to Devon Conway, Boundary! Rocks back and fiercely punches this googly through the covers and gets a boundary.

    Over 5.6 Adil Rashid tossed up delivery to Devon Conway, Boundary! Dances down the track, converts this flighted delivery into a half-volley and batters it in the gap between extra cover and mid-off for four.

    Over 9.5: Boundary!. Liam Livingstone to Devon Conway,

    Over 10.1 Mark Wood bowls it short of length to Daryl Mitchell, Boundary! Rock back in the crease and smashes it past the bowler and gets a boundary.

    Over 11.5 Liam Livingstone tossed up delivery to Devon Conway, Boundary! Came down the track and smashes it through the cover and the ball beats the man in the deep and reaches the fence.

    Over 14.4 Mark Wood bowls a back of length delivery to Daryl Mitchell, Boundary!  Backs away in the crease and steers it down to the third man fence for four.

    Over 16.3: Boundary!. Chris Jordan to James Neesham,

    Over 18.6 Chris Woakes bowls it short of length to Daryl Mitchell, Boundary! Gets forward and  swings it away past short fine and gets the winning runs with a boundary and New Zealand into their first-ever T20 World Cup final