India vs Namibia 42nd Match at Dubai, 08 Nov, 2021

Toss: India, who chose to bowl
Namibia 132/8 (20)
India 136/1 (15.2)
India won by 9 wickets
Man of the Match: Ravindra Jadeja
  • Suryakumar Yadav 26 * (19)
  • Lokesh Rahul 54 * (36)

Over 4.4 Jasprit Bumrah bowls it short of length to Michael van Lingen, out Caught by Shami!! Lingen gets overambitious and tries to flat-bat this over mid-off, but ends up mistiming this straight to Shami at mid-off.

Over 5.3 Ravindra Jadeja tossed up delivery to Craig Williams, out Stumped!! Pulls the length back and it skids through, Craig Williams misses the attempted glance and Pant collects it, flicking off the bails after a spiteful pause

Over 7.4 Ravindra Jadeja tossed up delivery to Stephan Baard , out Lbw!!  Baard shuffled across to play this sweep, so we might have this one hitting. Yup, three reds - impact in line, and crashing into the top of middle and leg

Over 9.1: He is Caught. Ravichandran Ashwin to Gerhard Erasmus,

Over 14.6 Ravindra Jadeja bowls a quicker arm ball to Johannes Smit, out Caught by Rohit!! Smit into the drive, but the ball dips and he ends up spooning it towards cover, Rohit dives forward and takes it inches from the ground.

Over 15.4 Ravichandran Ashwin tossed up delivery to Zane Green, out Bowled!!  Tossed up from round the wicket, the drift draws Green into the forward block but the turn beats him neck and crop, the ball hits the top of middle stump. 

Over 18.5: He is Caught. Jasprit Bumrah to Jan Frylinck,