Bangladesh vs England 20th Match at Abu Dhabi, 27 Oct, 2021

Toss: Bangladesh , who chose to bat
Bangladesh 124/9 (20)
England 126/2 (14.1)
England won by 8 wickets
Man of the Match: Jason Roy
  • Jonny Bairstow 8 * (4)
  • Dawid Malan 28 * (25)

Over 14.6 Liam Livingstone tossed up delivery to Mahedi Hasan, no run, stays deep inside the crease and defends it down the pitch.

Over 15.2 Tymal Mills bowls it short of length to Mahedi Hasan, no run, gets back in the crease and tries to pokes at it but gets beaten.

Over 15.3 Tymal Mills bowls a good length delivery to Mahedi Hasan,1 run, gets forward and turns it through square leg

Over 15.5 Tymal Mills bowls a slower one to Mahedi Hasan, no run, gets forward and defends it to point with the open face bat.

Over 15.6 Tymal Mills bowls a pitched up delivery to Mahedi Hasan, Boundary! Gets forward to defend and it runs away fine. Rashid dives across at deep third but can't get there

Over 16.2 Adil Rashid tossed up delivery to Mahedi Hasan,1 run, gets forward and turns it down the leg side and picks up a single.

Over 16.4 Adil Rashid bowls a quicker arm ball to Mahedi Hasan, Boundary! Came down the track and goes with the turnover extra cover. Smashes it to the boundary. 

Over 16.5 Adil Rashid tossed up delivery to Mahedi Hasan, no run, defended down the pitch on the front foot.

Over 16.6 Adil Rashid bowls a quicker arm ball to Mahedi Hasan,1 run, moves across in the crease and tucks it through square leg.