England vs New Zealand 4th T20I at Napier, 08 Nov, 2019

Toss: New Zealand, who chose to bowl
England 241/3 (20)
New Zealand 165/10 (16.5)
England won by 76 runs
Man of the Match: Dawid Malan
  • Blair Tickner 5 * (6)

Over 2.1 Tom Curran bowls a good length delivery to Martin Guptill, Six!  Stands tall and deposits it into the vacant stand near deep square leg. 

Over 3.3 Chris Jordan bowls a good length delivery to Martin Guptill, Boundary! Gets waiting for it, he was on the front foot but quickly transferred his weight back and nailed it in front of square, just cleared the boundary rope.

Over 3.4 Chris Jordan bowls it short of length to Martin Guptill, Six! Makes room and Jordan feeds him with a short of a length delivery, slapped with a horizontal bat over point and the ball has traveled all the way out of the ground.

Over 6.4 Matt Parkinson bowls a good length delivery to Colin de Grandhomme, Six!  Came down the track and wasn't close to the ball, he used his reach to loft it handsomely over long-off.

Over 8.4 Matt Parkinson bowls a pitched up delivery to Ross Taylor, Six! Gets on his knees, nails this flat over deep square leg for six!

Over 10.1 Matt Parkinson tossed up delivery to TG Southee, Six!  Goes down  on his knee and swat-sweeps this flat over backward square leg for six!

Over 10.2 Matt Parkinson tossed up delivery to TG Southee,Six! Gets uses his reach, something Parkinson didn't account for, and slog-sweeps this over cow corner for another six.

Over 11.3 Pat Brown bowls it short of length to TG Southee, Six! Rock back in the crease and pulls it high and handsome over deep mid-wicket for a maximum.

Over 12.1 Matt Parkinson bowls it short of length to TG Southee,Six! Goes deep inside the crease and pulls it over deep mid-wicket for a maximum.

Over 14.1 Tom Curran bowls a good length delivery to Ish Sodhi, Six! Steps into the leg-side and carts that over deep midwicket for six! That's sailed over the roof.