West Indies vs India 2nd Test at Jamaica, 30 Aug, 2019

Toss: West Indies , elected to field first
India 416/10 (140.1)  &  168/4 (54.4)
West Indies 117/10 (47.1)  &  210/10 (59.5)
India won by 257 runs
Man of the Match: Hanuma Vihari
  • ST Gabriel 0 * (1)

Over 2.3Ishant Sharma bowls good length delivery to K Brathwaite, gets an outside edge which is caught by the Keeper.He is Caught

Over 7.4 Mohammed Shami bowls good length delivery to John Campbell, gets an outside edge and is caught in the slips.He is Caught

Over 27.5Ravindra Jadeja bowls flighted delivery to Roston Chase, he is struck on the pad and the Umpire has given that out LBW.Out LBW

Over 28.4 Ishant Sharma bowls a good length delivery to Shimron Hetmyer, out Caught by Agarwal!!  Goes down on his knee, does Hetmyer and drives it straight to Mayank Agarwal at extra-cover. The fielder didn't have to move an inch as he accepted the opportunity with both hands. 

Over 35.6 Ravindra Jadeja tossed up delivery to Shamarh Brooks, no run, gets forward and left alone outside off through to the keeper.

Over 48.4Jasprit Bumrah to Jermaine Blackwood He is Caught ...

Over 53.4 Ravindra Jadeja tossed up delivery to Jahmar Hamilton, out Caught by Rahul! He's got this to balloon off the glove, with the extra bounce from a length catching the batsman by surprise as he gloves it to Rahul at second slip. 

Over 54.3  Mohammed Shami bowls a good length delivery to Rahkeem Cornwall,  out Caught by Pant! The ball takes the inside edge of the batsman who has been pushed fully back - flies to the left of Pant who has taken a fabulous tumbling catch.

Over 58.5  Mohammed Shami bowls a good length delivery to KAJ Roach, out Caught by Pant!! Gets forward and went for a tempting drive with hard hands, unfortunately for him, the feet went nowhere and all he could manage was a thick edge through to the keeper.

Over 59.5 Ravindra Jadeja bowls a quicker arm ball to Jason Holder, out Bowled!! Gets forward and tries to swat again but the ball beats the bat this time and rattles the stumps.