Australia vs India 1st T20I at Brisbane, 21 Nov, 2018

Toss: India, who chose to bowl
Australia 158/4 (17)
India 169/7 (17)
Australia won by 4 runs(D/L method)
Man of the Match: Adam Zampa
  • Kuldeep Yadav 4 * (1)
  • Bhuvneshwar Kumar 1 * (1)

Over 16.5 Marcus Stoinis bowls it wide outside off to Bhuvneshwar Kumar, widegets forward and left alone outside off through to the keeper and the Umpire calls it wide

Over 16.5 Marcus Stoinis bowls a slower one to Bhuvneshwar Kumar,1 run, gets forward and pulls it down to long on and picks up a single.