Sri Lanka vs West Indies 39th Match at Chester-le-Street, 01 Jul, 2019

Toss: West Indies, who chose to bowl
Sri Lanka 338/6 (50)
West Indies 315/9 (50)
Sri Lanka won by 23 runs
Man of the Match: Avishka Fernando
  • ST Gabriel 3 * (7)
  • Sheldon Cottrell 7 * (10)

Over 47.6 Sheldon Cottrell bowls a good length delivery to Isuru Udana, no run, comes on to the front foot and blocks it down the pitch back to the bowler.

Over 48.2 Oshane Thomas bowls a good length delivery to Isuru Udana, no run, gets forward and pushes it straight to the man at cover.

Over 48.3 Oshane Thomas bowls a pitched up delivery to Isuru Udana,1 run, gets forward and driven along the ground to sweeper cover and picks up a single.

Over 48.4 Oshane Thomas bowls a yorker right into the blockhole to HDRL Thirimanne,1 run, gets forward and digs it out to cover and picks up one more.

Over 48.5 Oshane Thomas slips in a full toss to Isuru Udana, no run, backing away but Thomas kept following him. Jabbed back to the bowler.

Over 48.6 Oshane Thomas bowls a slower one to Isuru Udana,  out Caught by Holder!! Udana couldn't get under it properly as he went for the loft down the ground. Certainly got cramped on the shot and Holder in the deep.