Australia vs Pakistan 17th Match at Taunton, 12 Jun, 2019

Toss: Pakistan, who chose to bowl
Australia 307/10 (49)
Pakistan 266/10 (45.4)
Australia won by 41 runs
Man of the Match: David Warner
  • Shaheen Afridi 1 * (6)

Over 44.5 Mohammad Amir bowls a pitched up delivery to Nathan Coulter-Nile,1 run, gets forward and driven along the ground to sweeper cover and picks up a single to gets off the mark.

Over 45.5 Hasan Ali bowls it short of length to Nathan Coulter-Nile,1 run, backs away in the crease and cuts it down to the third man.

Over 46.2 Wahab Riaz bowls a pitched up delivery to Nathan Coulter-Nile, out Caught by Sarfraz Ahmed! Coulter-Nile comes on to the front foot and went hard on the drive, the ball takes the outside edge and Sarfraz takes a good low catch behind the stumps.