England vs South Africa 1st Match at London, 30 May, 2019

Toss: South Africa, who chose to bowl
England 311/8 (50)
South Africa 207/10 (39.5)
England won by 104 runs
Man of the Match: Ben Stokes
  • Lungi Ngidi 6 * (5)

Over 0.2 Imran Tahir tossed up delivery to JM Bairstow, out Caught by Quinton de Kock! Bairstow stays deep inside the crease and tries to play inside the line but the ball takes the outside edge and de Kock takes a sharp catch behind the stumps. England loss the 1st wicket.

Over 18.4 Andile Phehlukwayo bowls it short of length to Jason Roy, out Caught by du Plessis!! Roy tries to fetch the pull from outside off, only manages a toe-end straight up towards mid-off, Faf tracks back a bit and hangs on to a dolly.

Over 19.1 Kagiso Rabada bowls a pitched up delivery to Joe Root, out Caught by Duminy! Reaches out for a good length delivery away from the body and slices the drive to backward point, where Duminy takes a sharp catch.

Over 36.5 Imran Tahir tossed up delivery to EJG Morgan, out Caught by Markram!! Morgan attempted lofted hoick into long-on, but in the process gets too close for comfort, eventually dragging his shot off the under-half of his bat. Markram - at long-on's boundary - spots, runs in, to his right and then judges the dive getting him under it perfectly. 

Over 41.2 Lungi Ngidi bowls a good length delivery to JC Buttler, out Bowled!! Buttler was always game for it as he walks across, goes flat-batted in a pull. Obviously early - chopping it onto leg, so much so that it uproots.

Over 43.6 Lungi Ngidi bowls a slower one to Moeen Ali, out Caught by du Plessis!! Gets clear out his front leg, swings across the line in an attempt tonk over long-on. Drags off the inside, flying to Faf's - long-on's - left, reverse-cupping a diving-across take.

Over 47.3 Kagiso Rabada bowls it short of length to Chris Woakes, out Caught by du Plessis!! 

Over 48.6 Lungi Ngidi bowls a back of length delivery to Ben Stokes, out Caught by Amla!