Chennai XI vs Hyderabad XI Qualifier 1 Match at Mumbai, 22 May, 2018

Toss: Chennai XI, who chose to bowl
Hyderabad XI 139/7 (20)
Chennai XI 140/8 (19.1)
Chennai XI won by 2 wickets
Man of the Match: Faf du Plessis
  • Shardul Thakur 15 * (5)
  • Faf du Plessis 67 * (42)

Over 0.1Deepak Chahar bowls good length delivery to Shikhar Dhawan, and that’s the end of his stay in the middle, clean bowled! .Bowled him!

Over 4.2 Shardul Thakur good length delivery to KS Williamson,  out Caught by Dhoni!! Short and drifting down leg, Williamson moves across in the crease and tries to play the pull, the ball kisses the glove and goes straight to the hands of Dhoni at behind the stumps.

Over 6.4 DJ Bravo good length delivery to Shakib Al Hasan, out Caught by Dhoni! Shakib swivels and tries to oblige, ends up dragging it off his glove which makes a tiny tickle off his thigh pad before nestling into Dhoni's mitts.

Over 11.3 Ravindra Jadeja bowls a tossed up delivery to Manish Pandey, out Caught and Bowled!! Pandey wanted to work it into the on-side and closed the bat face, the leading edge lobs up to the right of Jadeja, who moves across and takes it.

Over 14.6 DJ Bravo bowls a pitched up delivery to YK Pathan, out Caught and Bowled!! Pathan went full throttle on the drive and didn't even bother to keep it down the ground, struck it hard and low towards Bravo, who went down with both hands but the force was such that it got stuck in the right hand.

Over 19.6 Shardul Thakur bowls a pitched up delivery to CR Brathwaite, out Bhuvneshwar Run Out!! Brathwaite shuffled across, got inside the line and failed to connect with the pull shot, Bhuvneshwar called for the run and he was caught well short. Dhoni hitting the sticks with an under-arm throw.