Hyderabad XI vs Punjab XI 25th Match at Hyderabad, 26 Apr, 2018

Toss: Punjab XI, who chose to bowl
Hyderabad XI 132/6 (20)
Punjab XI 119/10 (19.2)
Hyderabad XI won by 13 runs
Man of the Match: Ankit Rajpoot
  • Mujeeb Ur Rahman 10 * (5)

Over 7.5 Rashid Khan bowls a tossed up delivery to Lokesh Rahul, out Bowled!! Got forward defensively expecting a wrong 'un, but the ball held its line enough before straightening past his outside edge to hammer the off pole.

Over 8.2 Basil Thampi good length delivery to CH Gayle, out Caught and Bowled!!  Gets the short ball to climb awkwardly onto Gayle who miscues the ambitious pull round the corner, the ball takes the leading edge and straight back to the bowler.

Over 12.1 Shakib Al Hasan bowls a tossed up delivery to Mayank Agarwal, out Caught by Manish Pandey!! Agarwal goes through with the shot and skies it off the cue end for long-on who takes the simplest of catches. Manish Pandey it is with bucket hands.

Over 13.4 Rashid Khan bowls a tossed up delivery to Karun Nair,  out Lbw!! Nair got forward to block classic Test match style, but he didn't read it too well. Was totally befuddled after he got pinged below the knee roll.

Over 14.2 Shakib Al Hasan bowls a tossed up delivery to AJ Finch, out Caught by Manish Pandey!! Preempts the lofted swing and smashes it as hard as he can, puts all his body power behind it after clearing the front leg. Manish Pandey sets himself up at long-on and judges it to perfection.

Over 15.3 Sandeep Sharma good length delivery to MK Tiwary, out Caught by Williamson!!  Manoj Tiwary got across to this off-cutter and couldn't control his flick shot on the move. It smacks the toe-end and loops up to Williamson at mid-wicket

Over 15.5 Sandeep Sharma good length delivery to Andrew Tye, out LBW! Tye played across the line and got hit in line with middle and leg.Umpire raises the finger.

Over 16.5 Siddarth Kaul good length delivery to Barinder Sran, out Sran Run Out! Sran slogs once again, gets it off the toe-end and it dribbles to Saha to his left; he puts in the dive, collects cleanly and clatters the timber at the striker's end.

Over 17.2 Rashid Khan bowls a tossed up delivery to Ravichandran Ashwin, out Caught by Williamson!!  Ashwin goes for the hack and had to drag it off the toe-end, the ball skies up off the toe-end and KW takes a sitter at cover. 

Over 19.2 Basil Thampi bowls a pitched up delivery to Ankit Rajpoot, out Bowled!! It was pacy and too hot to handle for Ankit Rajpoot, he went across his stumps to try and funky scoop over short fine but he misses it completely and the ball rattle the stumps.