Kolkata XI vs Delhi XI 13th Match at Kolkata, 16 Apr, 2018

Toss: Delhi XI, who chose to bowl
Kolkata XI 200/9 (20)
Delhi XI 129/10 (14.2)
Kolkata XI won by 71 runs
Man of the Match: Nitish Rana
  • Shahbaz Nadeem 6 * (8)

Over 0.6PP Chawla bowls flighted delivery to Jason Roy, leaves his crease and is beaten by that delivery. The Keeper collects the ball and effects the stumping.Stumped out

Over 1.5 Andre Russell good length delivery to Shreyas Iyer, out Caught by Nitish Rana!! Shreyas Iyer into a limp poke, the edge was found and it was travelling quickly. Rana dived across to his left at first slip, went with both hands and holds on. 

Over 2.6  Shivam Mavi good length delivery to G Gambhir, out Bowled!! Gambhir was cramped for room as he went for the cut, gets an inside edge and the ball clatters into the stumps.

Over 8.3 Kuldeep Yadav bowls it flat in the air to Rishabh Pant, out Caught by Chawla!! Pant swivelled across and nailed the pull, hard and flat - straight into the hands of Chawla at deep mid-wicket.

Over 9.3 Tom Curran bowls a pitched up delivery to Rahul Tewatia, out Caught by A Russell!! Gets forward and went so hard that he lost all the poise and flow, ended up slicing it straight to Russell at short extra-cover.

Over 10.5 Kuldeep Yadav bowls a tossed up delivery to GJ Maxwell, out Caught by Uthappa!! Maxwell spotted it and went deep in his crease. Pull too hard and loses his shape and Uthappa takes a good catch in the deep.

Over 11.3 SP Narine bowls a tossed up delivery to Chris Morris, out Bowled!!  Morris  backed away a long way to loft it over covers. Missed it by a mile. Beaten on the outside edge and hits the stumps.

Over 11.5 SP Narine bowls a quicker arm ball to Vijay Shankar, out Lbw!! Goes deep in the crease and tries to play across the line but he misses and the ball struck on the pads, Umpire raises the finger.

Over 13.5 SP Narine bowls a tossed up delivery to Mohammed Shami, out Caught by A Russell!! Shami came down the track to smash it over deep mid-wicket. The bat turned at the point of impact. Russell runs to his left from mid-wicket and takes it simple.

Over 14.2 Kuldeep Yadav bowls a tossed up delivery to Trent Boult, out Caught and Bowled! Boult comes on to the font foot and chips it straight back to the bowler and Kuldeep takes a simple catch.