South Africa vs Australia 2nd Test at Port Elizabeth, 09 Mar, 2018

Toss: Australia, who chose to bat
Australia 243/10 (71.3)  &  239/10 (79)
South Africa 382/10 (118.4)  &  102/4 (22.5)
South Africa won by 6 wickets
Man of the Match: Kagiso Rabada
  • Theunis de Bruyn 15 * (14)
  • Faf du Plessis 2 * (10)

Over 26.4 Vernon Philander bowls a short and rising delivery to Cameron Bancroft, out Caught by de Kock!! Pitches it full around off, moves away a fraction, enough to take the edge and de Kock dives to his right and takes a good low catch.

Over 30.4 Vernon Philander good length delivery to Usman Khawaja, out Caught by de Kock!!  That was another delivery in the zone of dilemma. The batsman bent forward to defend and the poking blade took the edge for the keeper to gobble it up.

Over 36.2 Lungi Ngidi good length delivery to DA Warner, out Bowled! Warner comes on to the front foot and looks to play inside the line, the ball nips back and beats the inside edge of the bat and hits it top of the middle stump.

Over 51.6 Kagiso Rabada good length delivery to SPD Smith, out LBW! Smith misses the flick and this was that rare ball. Ball strikes the pads and that ball was smashing the stumps.

Over 53.2 Kagiso Rabada good length delivery to Shaun Marsh, out Lbw!! It was a good length delivery and jagged back in Shaun Marsh and strikes his pads. Umpire has raised his finger.

Over 53.5 Kagiso Rabada good length delivery to Mitchell Marsh, out Caught by de Kock!! Mitchell Marsh drives at an outside off delivery that was coming in, there was no foot movement and ball strikes the inside edge and de Kock takes it simple.

Over 53.6 Kagiso Rabada good length delivery to Pat Cummins, out Caught by de Kock!! Pat Cummins pokes at it outside edge and gets an outside edge and simple catch to  de Kock.

Over 57.5 Kagiso Rabada bowls a back of length delivery to Mitchell Starc, out Bowled!! Starc wanted to flick it to the leg-side. He plays down the wrong line and ball strikes the timbe.

Over 63.5 Lungi Ngidi good length delivery to Nathan Lyon, out Bowled!! Lyon tried playing it across the line. The ball flicked the back pad and then cannoned into the sticks.

Over 71.3 Lungi Ngidi bowls a pitched up delivery to Tim Paine, out Bowled!! Paine comes on to the front foot to defend, the ball sneak through the gap between bat and pad and hits the top of the off stump.