New Zealand vs West Indies 2nd T20I at Mount Maunganui, 01 Jan, 2018

Toss: West Indies, who chose to bowl
New Zealand 102/4 (9)
West Indies 0/0 (0)
No result
  • Anaru Kitchen 1 * (1)
  • Kane Williamson 17 * (15)

Over 2.2 Sheldon Cottrell good length delivery to Colin Munro, Six!! Stands tall and heaves it over long on and the ball went long way in to the stands for maximum.

Over 2.4 Sheldon Cottrell bowls it short of length to Colin Munro, Six!!Goes well across the stumps and pulls it high and handsome over deep mid wicket and gets another maximum.

Over 4.2 CR Brathwaite bowls a pitched up delivery to Colin Munro, Six!! Comes on to the front foot and  picked it up effortlessly and helped the flick behind square. Big boundary too.