England vs South Africa 4th Test at Manchester, 04 Aug, 2017

Toss: England, who chose to bat first
England 362/10 (108.4)  &  243/10 (69.1)
South Africa 226/10 (72.1)  &  202/10 (62.5)
England won by 177 runs
Man of the Match: Moeen Ali
  • Keshav Maharaj 21 * (33)

Over 65.6Keshav Maharaj bowls flighted delivery to SCJ Broad, gets forward and defends it towards silly point.No runs

Over 66.3Kagiso Rabada to SCJ Broad Boundary! ...

Over 66.4Kagiso Rabada to SCJ Broad Four leg byes ...

Over 66.5Kagiso Rabada to SCJ Broad Single ...

Over 67.3 M Morkel bowls a good length delivery to SCJ Broad, no runs, gets forward and punches it straight back to the bowler.

Over 67.4 M Morkel bowls a good length delivery to SCJ Broad, out Caught by Theunis de Bruyn!! Saw the ball pitched in his arc and went for the drive with his feet nowhere close to the ball, off the outer half of the bat and de Bruyn reacted quickly to reverse cup that.