India vs South Africa 2nd Test at Bengaluru, 14 Nov, 2015

Toss: India won the toss and choose to bowl
South Africa 214/10 (59)
India 80/0 (22)
Match drawn
  • Shikhar Dhawan 45 * (62)
  • Murali Vijay 28 * (73)

Over 7.2 R Ashwin bowls a skidding flipper to Stiaan van Zyl, no runs, out LBW!  Lbw!! Ashwin strikes in his first over.van Zyl was late on the forward defence, the ball strikes him below the knee roll and would've been crashing into middle and leg

Over 7.5 R Ashwin bowls a tossed up delivery to Faf du Plessis, out Caught by Pujara! what sharp catch that was, South Africa loss two quick wickets.

Over 14.6 VR Aaron bowls a good length delivery to HM Amla, out Bowled!

Over 24.2 RA Jadeja bowls a tossed up delivery to D Elgar, out Bowled!! Elgar went down on his knees as he looked to sweep, the ball brushed his gloves and slowly rolled back onto his stumps.

Over 34.6 R Ashwin bowls a tossed up delivery to JP Duminy, out Caught by Rahane! Third wicket for Ashwin.Duminy was hanging back in defence, he was playing with an open face, the ball went off the face of the bat and down low and Rahane takes a good low catch at first slip.

Over 45.4 RA Jadeja bowls a tossed up delivery to Dane Vilas, out Caught and Bowled!Vilas steps out and drives, doesn't keep it down and Jadeja takes catch in his followthrough.

Over 51.2 RA Jadeja bowls it flat in the air to AB de Villiers, no runs, goes down on his knee and misses the sweep.

Over 51.5 Ishant Sharma bowls a tossed up delivery to Kagiso Rabada, out Caught by Pujara! Rabada was pushing forward, he went with hard hands, the inside edge is found and it lobs off his pads, simple catch to Pujara at FSL.

Over 58.5 R Ashwin bowls a tossed up delivery to M Morkel, out Caught by Binny! Morkel doesn't get anywhere close to the pitch, gets plenty of height but not the distance. A real skier for Binny as he runs back from mid-on and takes a well judged two-handed catch.

Over 58.6 R Ashwin bowls a tossed up delivery to Kyle Abbott, out Kyle Abbott Run Out!!