South Africa vs West Indies 3rd T20I at Durban, 14 Jan, 2015

Toss: West Indies, who chose to bowl first
South Africa 195/3 (20)
West Indies 126/10 (19)
South Africa won by 69 runs
Man of the Match: MN van Wyk
  • Kieron Pollard 20 * (23)

Over 12.4 David Wiese bowls a slower one to Andre Russell, 1 run, leans forward and flicks it to mid-wicket.

Over 12.6 David Wiese bowls it short of length to Andre Russell, Six!! Rocks back and pulls it in front of square. That went flat and over deep mid-wicket.

Over 13.2 WD Parnell bowls a pitched up delivery to Andre Russell, Boundary!gets Makes room and drives it beautifully between cover and extra-cover and the ball raced away to the boundary.

Over 13.3 WD Parnell bowls a good length delivery to Andre Russell, 1 run, gets forward and flicks it to mid-wicket.

Over 13.5 WD Parnell bowls a slower one to Andre Russell, no runs, makes room and let it go through to the keeper.

Over 13.6 WD Parnell to Andre Russell, out Caught by Ontong!! It was a length delivery right in the zone for Russell, who gets his front leg out of the way and toe-ends the loft, the ball skies towards long-on, Ontong runs back from mid-off and takes a superb catch. A Russell c Ontong b Parnell 12(6)