Australia vs India 2nd Test at Brisbane, 17 Dec, 2014

Toss: India, who chose to bat
India 408/10 (109.4)  &  224/10 (64.3)
Australia 505/10 (109.4)  &  130/6 (23.1)
Australia won by 4 wickets
Man of the Match: Steven Smith
  • MG Johnson 2 * (3)
  • Mitchell Marsh 6 * (7)

Over 8.3 U Yadav bowls a back of length delivery to DA Warner, CAUGHT, Warner looks to play a forcing short arm jab pull shot off his hips, the length is not that short and Yadav has got the ball to kick up a touch. It results in a leading edge which lobs up to Ashwin at first slip who moves back to hold on to the skier.

Over 19.4 R Ashwin bowls a tossed up delivery to SR Watson, CAUGHT, Watson steps out for a big shot but can only drag it flat towards mid on where Shikhar is deep and he puts in a dive forward to his right to take a superb low catch!! Ashwin forced the miscue because of getting the ball to turn in sharp.

Over 24.5 U Yadav bowls a short and rising delivery to CJL Rogers, CAUGHT BEHIND, Rogers tries to fend this off safely to fine leg but the ball gets big onto him from round the sticks, and takes something on its way to MSD down the legside and the Umpire gives it out. Replays show that the ball had brushed the glove. And with this wicket it is going to be Tea on Day 2 with Australia trailing behind by 287 runs with 7 wickets in hand.

Over 46.5 U Yadav bowls a back of length delivery to SE Marsh, CAUGHT, Marsh moves back to punch it through covers, and the ball gets big on to him to force a top edge and he finds Ashwin at first slip jump up and hold onto a magnificent overhead catch!!

Over 56.6 I Sharma bowls a good length delivery to MR Marsh, CLEAN BOWLED, Marsh moves back and shoulders arms for no reason and the ball nips back ever so slightly from outside off to hit the off stump! They are checking for the noball and luckily for India, Ishant did not overstep. 133 kmph. Looks like Mitchell Marsh was expecting the ball to bounce over the top of the stumps but there wasn't much bounce in this.

Over 61.1 VR Aaron bowls a short and rising delivery to BJ Haddin, CAUGHT, this short stuff from round the sticks works for India! Aaron gets this onto the rib cage and Haddin hops up and blindly fends it off in the air and there is Pujara at shortleg who takes a dolly of a catch! 136 kmph.

Over 87.1 I Sharma bowls a pitched up delivery to MG Johnson, CAUGHT, Johnson misses out on a well deserved century but he was too weak being unwell. He went hard at the ball in his drive and edged the away going ball to the keeper. Ishant has got his footing right. Lol replays show MS Dhoni catches that like how we kill mosquitoes! Poor technique!

Over 87.6 I Sharma bowls a back of length delivery to SPD Smith, BOWLED HIM, Smith plays this with an angled bat, looking to steer it to thirdman and ends up inside edging it on to the off stump. Finally Steven Smith has been dismissed in this series. And it has been customary to check for Ishant's no-balls and he has got his footing right once again.

Over 96.2 VR Aaron bowls a good length delivery to Nathan Lyon, CAUGHT, Lyon gets behind the line and lofts this with a straight bat but it comes off the bottom and lobs up to Rohit at mid on. Beg your pardon, replays show that the ball had extra bounce and the shot came off the splice of the bat.