Australia vs India 2nd Test at Brisbane, 17 Dec, 2014

Toss: India, who chose to bat
India 408/10 (109.4)  &  224/10 (64.3)
Australia 505/10 (109.4)  &  130/6 (23.1)
Australia won by 4 wickets
Man of the Match: Steven Smith
  • MG Johnson 2 * (3)
  • Mitchell Marsh 6 * (7)

Over 4.1 I Sharma bowls a back of length delivery to DA Warner, CAUGHT BEHIND, Ishant strikes from round the sticks, he hits a crack and Warner has to play at that because of the angle and edges the away going ball to Dhoni. We have a needless send off from Ishant to Warner..

Over 4.1 I Sharma bowls a back of length delivery to DA Warner, NB + no runs, gets forward and is hit on the pad around middle by one that nipped back

Over 6.3 I Sharma bowls a bouncer to SR Watson, CAUGHT BEHIND, Watson goes for a hook shot slightly outside off and can only get a top edge which skies up behind the stumps and MSD shouts mine to hold onto the catch safely. They are checking for the noball and Ishant is just fine.

Over 16.2 I Sharma bowls a back of length delivery to CJL Rogers, CAUGHT, Rogers slaps hard in a cut shot to the wide one and gets a thick edge and surprisingly a catch has been taken easily in the slip cordon! That was Shikhar Dhawan holding onto the flashy edge overhead at third slip!

Over 20.4 U Yadav bowls a short and rising delivery to SE Marsh, CAUGHT BEHIND, Shaun Marsh gets inside the line for a leg glance and gloves it to the keeper down the legside. 138 kmph. A touch of extra bounce and pace off the pitch got the wicket for Yadav.

Over 21.3 VR Aaron bowls a good length delivery to MR Marsh, no runs, leaves it outside off to the keeper. 139 kmph

Over 21.3 VR Aaron bowls a back of length delivery to SPD Smith, NB + 1 + Steven Smith Run Out. Smith tucks this behind squareleg and wants to steal a second run and finds himself a yard or so short of his crease with a direct throw coming in which was probably deflected on to the stumps. Smith was complaining that Varun Aaron had come in his way but the bowler was only standing his ground.

Over 22.1 U Yadav bowls a short and rising delivery to BJ Haddin, CAUGHT, Haddin swivels back to pull and does so with a flattish top edge which flies to Virat Kohli who is at deepish backward squareleg or deepish leg gully and yes no issues for him in taking catches anywhere except in the slips!