Australia vs England 1st ODI at Leeds, 06 Sep, 2013

Current Time: 05/24/2024 17:01:44 GMT
Toss: NA
Match abandoned without a ball bowled
Match not Started yet this time

Over 1.0  

11:46 Local Time: There will be an official inspection at 1:00 pm. Unfortunately, it is still lashing down at Headingley.

11:19 Local Time: An early lunch has been called at Headingley. It is still raining and the prediction is for more showers.

09:56 Local Time: It is still pelting hard at the ground. Disappointing weather this for the ODI at Headingley.

Hello and welcome to our live coveraage of  first ODI between England and Australia at Leeds.Unfortunately it is raining in Headingley.

Sorry folks! The official news is out, match has been abandoned without a ball being bowled.