Planning to Bet on Cricket - Basics You Should ...

Planning to Bet on Cricket - Basics You Should Know

Published on: Oct 04, 2019

Whether you are placing bets on the final outcome of a complete ODI series, or merely the toss of the first match, it is imperative that you’d need to learn about various aspects of cricket betting, in order to avoid any major losses, and to possibly come out with the profits from the activity.

Here in this article, we will acquaint you with all the distinct betting markets that various cricket betting strategies are focused on, as well as some important tips on how to research the teams and their players, to help you place your bets when the odds are stacked in your favour. Before we move forward, we would like to stress upon the importance of placing your bets only with the best bookmakers in the business, for instance, the ones listed at, as doing so will ensure that you will receive every penny of your winning bets.

Betting on Cricket

The most successful cricket betting strategies cover a variety of markets, to deliver consistent pay outs and to reduce the risks involved. Cricket being a sport that features a huge wealth of statistics, you will find a seemingly limitless number of options when it comes to betting markets too.

Betting on tournaments and individual cricket matches – Betting on the overall result of a one-day international match or a test series like the upcoming India vs South Africa test series (details at, is always the simplest strategy to wager money on Cricket. All you need to do is just bet on the win or loss possibilities. However, please don’t forget that the county championship games and the other international test matches have strong chances of ending in draws.

Proposition bets – A lot of punters wager money on different aspects associated with the game. These bets can include outcomes like the batsmen hitting the maximum number of sixes, the chances of a bowler getting more than 5 wickets in a match etc.

Risky cricket bets – There are plenty of almost unpredictable markets that you can place your wagers on if you’re fine taking your chances. You can bet on anything like which team will bat first to who will win the toss to the final score of a team being an odd or an even number! If you delve into it, you will find an endless number of interesting markets you can bet on.

Live cricket betting – A rapidly emerging and extremely popular cricket betting option, in-play wagering or live betting gives plenty of different options to the cricket punters, enabling them to bet money on the next batsmen to get out, number of runs scored off the next ball, method of dismissal etc.

Anyone wanting to benefit from the popular cricket betting markets should always spend time on researching the concerned teams and players. A website like can be very helpful in this regard.

Cricket being a global sport, it can sometimes get very difficult to gain reasonable working knowledge of every player and team. Therefore, you should limit your scope only to a specific tournament or a league. Lastly, never forget that wicket and weather conditions play a critical role in deciding the outcome of every cricket match.

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