Fall of Wickets on Day 3 : Aus Vs Ind, 1st Test at MCG

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Published on: Dec 28, 2011

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As many as 15 wickets went down on the drop-in pitch at the Melbourne Cricket Ground today on Day 3 leaving the 1stTest right in the balance. Australia are in the lead with 230 runs with two wickets in hand and the match could go either way from here.

As many as 15 wickets went down on the drop-in pitch at the Melbourne Cricket Ground today on Day 3 leaving the 1stTest right in the balance. Australia are in the lead with 230 runs with two wickets in hand and the match could go either way from here. Well Ben Hilfenhaus was the star of the morning as he picked up a maiden five-wicket haul in Tests to trigger India’s collapse from an overnight total of 214 for 3 to 282 all out.

Having conceded a 51-run lead, India bounced back as they found a new hero in Umesh Yadav who captured four wickets! Zaheer Khan like in the first innings delivered a crucial win-blow to sustain the pressure on the Aussies as they lost 8 wickets for 179 in 60 overs. Here are the highlights of how the 5 wickets went down on an eventful third day :

India 1stInnings

Over 65.2 BJ Hilfenhaus to RS Dravid, CLEAN BOWLED, massive blow, Dravid is cleaned up by a beauty, which came in but straightened to square up Dravid in the crease and goes onto hit the off stump! Dravid wasn't sure whether to come forward or go back!! R Dravid b Hilfenhaus 68 (187b 6x4 0x6) India 214/4 (65.2 Overs)

Over 72.4 PM Siddle to VVS Laxman, CAUGHT, VVS stays in the crease and edges a lovely outswinger to the keeper who takes a low diving catch to his right. India in trouble now! VVS Laxman c Haddin b Siddle 2 (22b 0x4 0x6) India 221/5 (72.4 Overs)

Over 79.2 BJ Hilfenhaus to V Kohli, CAUGHT, Virat feels for an away going delivery on the backfoot and edges it tamely to the keeper! V Kohli c Haddin b Hilfenhaus 11 (21b 1x4 0x6) India 238/6 (79.2 Overs)

Over 81.4 BJ Hilfenhaus to MS Dhoni, CAUGHT, MSD gets forward and attempts a flashy square drive on the up but there is enough of away movement to take a thick edge which flies straight into the safe hands of Hussey at gully! MS Dhoni c Hussey b Hilfenhaus 6 (8b 0x4 0x6) India 245/7 (81.4 Overs)

Over 87.2 BJ Hilfenhaus to I Sharma, CAUGHT, this is well pitched up and swinging away, and it teases Ishant to go for the big cover drive! All Ishant can do is to get a thick edge to Haddin and that has Hilfenhaus taking a maiden five-wicket haul! I Sharma c Haddin b Hilfenhaus 11 (69b 0x4 0x6) India 254/8 (87.2 Overs)

Over 88.6 JL Pattinson to Z Khan, CLEAN BOWLED, Zaheer makes room and looks to slog it blindly over long on and is cleaned up by a fast full delivery which strikes the off stump.Z Khan b Pattinson 4 (6b 1x4 0x6) India 259/9 (88.6 Overs)

Over 94.1 PM Siddle to R Ashwin, CAUGHT, that's the end of the Indian innings, Ashwin isn't quite sure about the length here and plays from the crease, and edges his defence to the away swinger to the keeper. So Australia capture a lead of 51 runs with that and it will also be Lunch on Day 3. R Ashwin c Haddin b Siddle 31 (35b 3x4 1x6) India 282/10 (94.1 Overs)

Australia 2ndInnings

Over 7.1 U Yadav to DA Warner, BOWLED HIM, Warner stays back to play a forcing cut shot, its a length ball that was moving away and Warner going with hard hands drags it onto the stumps off a terrible inside edge! Warner is done in for length and also for going too hard at it. DA Warner b Yadav 5 (27b 0x4 0x6) Australia 13/1 (7.1 Overs)

Over 7.4 U Yadav to Ed Cowan, OUT LBW, Yadab strikes again as Cowan misjudges a good length delivery which was swinging back from over the sticks. The left hander puts in a half stride forward and pads it up plumb infront of middle!! EJM Cowan lbw b Yadav 8 (17b 1x4 0x6) Australia 16/2 (7.4 Overs)

Over 11.3 U Yadav to SE Marsh, BOWLED HIM, Marsh looks to play an expansive drive to a slightly widish full delivery and like Warner drags it back onto his stumps off a bottom edge!! SE Marsh b Yadav 3 (11b 0x4 0x6) Australia 24/3 (11.3 Overs)

Over 12.5 I Sharma to MJ Clarke, BOWLED HIM, the lengths have been good for Ishant and he gets the reward, big one of the Aussie Skipper! Ishant drew Clarke onto the frontfoot in defence and got the ball to nip back to take an inside edge onto the pad and onto the off stump and the bail flies in the air! Reminds me of Sachin's dismissal against Siddle yesterday! MJ Clarke b Sharma 1 (4b 0x4 0x6) Australia 27/4 (12.5 Overs)

Over 40.2 Z Khan to RT Ponting, CAUGHT, and there's the breakthrough finally! Ponting is sucked into a booming cover drive by a pitched up delivery swinging away and the result is a thick edge which is caught at gully by Sehwag! Australia lead by 193 runs and the players will have drinks. RT Ponting c Sehwag b Khan 60 (97b 3x4 0x6) Australia 142/5 (40.2 Overs)

Over 42.5 Z Khan to BJ Haddin, CAUGHT, Haddin goes back and pushes at an away going delivery outside off and edges it to second slip where Laxman takes a comfortable knee height catch. BJ Haddin c Laxman b Khan 6 (14b 0x4 0x6) Australia 148/6 (42.5 Overs)

Over 50.6 U Yadav to PM Siddle, CAUGHT, Siddle goes back and is forced to edge a fast steep bouncing delivery around off and the ball flies quickly low to the right of MSD who pulls off a superb diving catch! PM Siddle c Dhoni b Yadav 4 (22b 0x4 0x6) Australia 163/7 (50.6 Overs)

Over 53.6 R Ashwin to Nathan Lyon, OUT LBW, Lyon goes back instead of coming forward, and its a carrom ball which skids through to hit the pad plumb infront of middle! And Erasmus rewards Ashwin with an lbw. NM Lyon lbw b Ashwin 0 (11b 0x4 0x6) Australia 166/8 (53.6 Overs)

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