We‌ ‌know‌ ‌how‌ ‌strong‌ ‌the‌ ‌Indian‌ ‌seam‌ ‌bowling‌ ‌attack‌ ‌is:‌ ‌Kane‌ ‌Williamson‌ ‌

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Published on: Jun 17, 2021

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New Zealand captain Kane Williamson admitted that India are a very strong side and that they expect a tough contest from Virat Kohli’s men. After all the hype over the past few days, the World Test Championship (WTC) final is all set to get underway on Friday, amid the threat of rain. Speaking ahead of the WTC final in Southampton, Williamson praised India for their strength across all departments. He added that both teams will be looking to give it their best, and that the anticipation level is really high.

Replying to a query from ANI, Williamson said, "There are a number of areas of competition and we know how strong the Indian seam bowling attack is. The quality of spinners and the batting is also world-class. India are a very good side and we are aware of that."

"For us, there are some similar strengths and we turn up on the day, and that what happens when you come into the final. Both teams try and put their best foot forward and compete as long as they can. It's very exciting to be involved in the first World Test Championship (WTC) final," he added.

He also opened up on his equation with opposite number Virat Kohli. It is no secret that both Kohli and Williamson have a lot of admiration for each other. The New Zealand captain stated, "We have a history of playing against each other and I know him (Virat) really well so it's an exciting occasion for both teams."

Looking back at the journey in the WTC, the Kiwi skipper opined that, for them, every game is part of a process to improve further. He explained, "There's been a lot of growth over a period of time so many challenges along the way every day but the team has bought into it and tried to move past those with a good attitude."

"It's exciting but for us it's just focusing on continuing that growth and trying to keep committing to the parts of our game that give us the best chance and that's where I know the guys will be focusing on. We are trying to look at the long game and try and improve all the time," he added.

While India and New Zealand are scheduled to feature in the WTC final at The Ageas Bowl in Southampton from June 18 to 22, the Reserve Day on June 23 could come into play considering the weather forecast, which predicts some wet sessions.

--By A Cricket Correspondent

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