Bangalore XI vs Delhi XI Capitals won by 6 wickets at Abu Dhabi, 02 Nov, 2020

Toss: Delhi, who chose to bowl
Bangalore XI 152/7 (20)
Delhi XI 154/4 (19)
Delhi won by 6 wickets
Man of the Match: Anrich Nortje
  • Marcus Stoinis 10 * (5)
  • Rishabh Pant 8 * (7)

Over 1.5 Mohammed Siraj bowls a good length delivery to Prithvi Shaw, out Bowled!! The ball Lands on the seam and keeps going away and climbs past Shaw's angled bat to hit the top of off. 

Over 12.4 Shahbaz Ahmed bowls it flat in the air to Shikhar Dhawan, out Caught by Shivam Dube!!  Shahbaz Ahmed gave it a bit of air and got the ball to dip around the pads, the bat meets the ball almost off the toe-end and Dube does well to run forward and grab a dipping low catch at short fine. 

Over 16.2 Shahbaz Ahmed tossed up delivery to Shreyas Iyer,  out Caught by Siraj!! Goes through with the loft and drags it off the thick inside half before picking out the lurking fielder at long-on.

Over 17.2 Washington Sundar tossed up delivery to Ajinkya Rahane, out Caught by Shivam Dube!! Rahane wanted to play a reverse lap and was in no position to execute it. gets big on Rahane and he tamely chips it off the splice to short third man.