Bangalore XI vs Rajasthan XI 53rd Match at Jaipur, 19 May, 2018

Toss: Rajasthan XI, who chose to bat
Rajasthan XI 164/5 (20)
Bangalore XI 134/10 (19.2)
Rajasthan XI won by 30 runs
Man of the Match: Shreyas Gopal
  • Yuzvendra Chahal 0 * (4)

Over 1.4 Umesh Yadav bowls it short of length to Jofra Archer,  out Caught by Parthiv Patel!! Archer goes for a pull - looked like a half-hearted one. Only manages a glove and Parthiv Patel snaffles it with ease.

Over 13.1 Umesh Yadav good length delivery to Ajinkya Rahane, out Lbw!! Rahane moved inside and went for a wild heave. Got beaten and was struck on the pads. The umpire took his time and raise the finger.

Over 13.2 Umesh Yadav good length delivery to SV Samson, out Caught by Moeen Ali!! Samson flicks it straight to the man at short mid-wicket. A soft dismissal, indeed.

Over 18.6 Mohammed Siraj bowls a pitched up delivery to Heinrich Klaasen, out Caught by Moeen Ali!!  Bowls a slower delivery outside off, Klaasen goes ahead with his aggressive loft and holes out at long-off.

Over 19.6 TG Southee good length delivery to Krishnappa Gowtham, out Gowtham Run Out!! A yorker outside off that's too quick for Gowtham to squeeze it out. They try to steal a bye but the keeper parries the ball to Southee who does the rest.