Kolkata XI vs Delhi XI 13th Match at Kolkata, 16 Apr, 2018

Toss: Delhi XI, who chose to bowl
Kolkata XI 200/9 (20)
Delhi XI 129/10 (14.2)
Kolkata XI won by 71 runs
Man of the Match: Nitish Rana
  • Shahbaz Nadeem 6 * (8)

Over 2.3 Trent Boult bowls it short of length to SP Narine, out Caught by Maxwell!! Narine backs away in the crease and tries to play the upper cut over the slips, the ball takes the outside edge and Maxwell takes a good catch at slip.

Over 7.3 Shahbaz Nadeem bowls a tossed up delivery to Robin Uthappa, out Caught and Bowled!! Uthappa had swept Nadeem last over for a big six over mid-wicket, but this turns slightly and the top edge goes straight up and easy catch to the bowler.

Over 10.5  Mohammed Shami good length delivery to CA Lynn, out Caught by Roy!!  Got under the full delivery too much,that's why couldn't get the elevation he wanted. It was the knuckle ball as well - something Shami has developed recently, it swings away too, coming to the catch, Roy made it look easy.

Over 13.4 Chris Morris good length delivery to Dinesh Karthik, out Caught by Boult! DK moves across in the crease and flicks and holes out to deep mid wicket and Boult makes no mistake.

Over 17.2 Trent Boult bowls a yorker right into the blockhole to Andre Russell, out Bowled!!  Boult did, slipped it under A Russell's swinging bat and it clipped middle and leg.

Over 18.4 Chris Morris bowls a pitched up delivery to Shubman Gill, 1 run, goes on to the back foot and clips it behind square on the on side and gets a single.

Over 19.2 Rahul Tewatia bowls a tossed up delivery to Shubman Gill, out Caught by Chris Morris!! Shubman Gill fails to keep the cut down and gives Morris an easy opportunity inside the ring.

Over 19.5 Rahul Tewatia bowls a tossed up delivery to PP Chawla, out Caught by Pant!! Chawla comes down the track but not get to the pitch of the ball skies the lofted hit straight up and Pant calls for it to take it. 

Over 19.6 Rahul Tewatia bowls a tossed up delivery to Tom Curran, out Caught by Maxwell!! Curran charges down the track and went for a big heave, the ball goes straight in to the hands of Maxwell in the deep.