New Zealand vs Pakistan 1st T20I at Wellington, 22 Jan, 2018

Toss: New Zealand, who chose to field
Pakistan 105/10 (19.4)
New Zealand 106/3 (15.5)
New Zealand won by 7 wickets
Man of the Match: Colin Munro
  • Ross Taylor 22 * (13)
  • Colin Munro 49 * (43)

Over 1.3TG Southee bowls good length delivery to Fakhar Zaman, and he is caught by the fielder in the infield.He is Caught

Over 2.2 Seth Rance good length delivery to Umar Amin, out Caught by Kitchen!! A short of length delivery around off, Amin swung across and ekes out a top-edge. Goes up in the air over the in-field on the off-side, Kitchen keeps his eyes on the ball and takes it.

Over 3.5 TG Southee good length delivery to Haris Sohail, out Caught by Munro!! Nawaz stays on the front foot  and ended up mistiming it to mid-on. Off the toe-end

Over 5.4 Anaru Kitchen bowls a tossed up delivery to Haris Sohail, out Caught by Tom Bruce!! Sohail lunged across, probably looking to go aerial over the off-side. No timing whatsoever and he chips a sitter to cover, who accepts it.

Over 9.1 Mitchell Santner bowls a tossed up delivery to Sarfraz Ahmed, out Stumped!! Sarfraz went for the sweep. Went low and dragged his back leg, loses his balance as the ball slid under his bat and keeper does the rest

Over 9.2 Mitchell Santner bowls a tossed up delivery to Shadab Khan, out Caught by Glenn Phillips!! Shadab feathers a tiny nick as he was beaten by the flight. Phillips juggled on the first attempt but manages to takes it well in the end.

Over 13.5 TG Southee bowls a back of length delivery to Faheem Ashraf, out Caught by Tom Bruce!! Ashraf who is late on the pull shot, hits the splice of the bat and balloons towards extra cover, Bruce covers good ground and takes a good catch in the end.

Over 16.4 Seth Rance good length delivery to Hasan Ali, out Caught by Southee!! Ali was into the shot early, got into position and skewed it off the toe-end back over the bowler. Southee from extra cover called for it and took it calmly.

Over 18.4 Seth Rance bowls it short of length to Mohammad Amir,  out Caught by Southee!! Amir makes a bit of room to go over the bowler, the ball gets big on him and he lobs it towards mid-off and Southee takes an easy catch.

Over 19.4 Colin Munro good length delivery to Babar Azam, out Caught by Tom Bruce!! Azam had to go every delivery and like the previous he decides to take it towards long-on, does not have the pace this time and miscues it meekly to Bruce, who runs across and takes it