Delhi XI vs Hyderabad XI 40th Match at Delhi, 02 May, 2017

Toss: Delhi Daredevils, who chose to bowl
Hyderabad XI 185/3 (20)
Delhi XI 189/4 (19.1)
Delhi Daredevils won by 6 wickets
Man of the Match: Mohammed Shami
  • Chris Morris 15 * (7)
  • Corey Anderson 41 * (24)

Over 1.1 Mohammed Siraj bowls a pitched up delivery to SV Samson, Six!! Stands tall and launches it over long-off. See the ball and hit the ball. 

Over 3.5Siddarth Kaul to Karun Nair Sixer! ...

Over 5.4 MC Henriques bowls it short of length to Karun Nair, Six!! Moves leg-side and launches it straight over the bowler's head. That went long way in to the stands.

Over 11.3 Mohammed Siraj bowls it short of length to Rishabh Pant, Six!! Gets waits on the back foot. Pulls from there into the deep square leg fence

Over 12.5 Yuvraj Singh bowls a tossed up delivery to Shreyas Iyer, Six!! Comes down the track and swings across the line over long on for a maximum.

Over 12.6 Yuvraj Singh bowls it short of length to Shreyas Iyer, Six!! Camps back in time and thunders the pull deep into the stands over deep mid-wicket.

Over 13.6 Siddarth Kaul bowls a good length delivery to Corey Anderson, Six!! Comes down the track and swings well to clear the man at long-on.

Over 16.3 Mohammed Siraj bowls it short of length to Corey Anderson, Six!! Goes deep in the crease and pulls it high and handsome over deep backward square leg fence for a maximum.

Over 17.5 Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowls a good length delivery to Corey Anderson, Six!! Gets cleared his front leg, cracked it hard and hit flat over the long-on fence

Over 18.4 Siddarth Kaul bowls it short of length to CH Morris, Six!! Rocks back in the crease and pulls well over the deep mid-wicket fielder.