Afghanistan vs Bangladesh 7th Match at Canberra, 18 Feb, 2015

Toss: Bangladesh, who chose to bat first
Bangladesh 267/10 (50)
Afghanistan 162/10 (42.5)
Bangladesh won by 105 runs
Man of the Match: Mushfiqur Rahim
  • Shapoor Zadran 2 * (2)

Over 0.6 Mashrafe Mortaza to Javed Ahmadi, Caught and Bowled!! Mortaza shortened his length and angled one onto Ahmadi's pads, he was looking to work it towards the on-side, closes the face of the bat and gets a leading edge. Mortaza calls for the catch, runs across to his left and completes the dolly.. Ahmadi c and b Mortaza 1(2)

Over 1.1 Rubel Hossain to Afsar Zazai, out LBW!! This was pitched up and nipped in from a length, Zazai was shuffling across on the clip, is beaten for pace and is struck on the pads, the imjpact was around off and middle,.Zazai lbw b Rubel 1(5)

Over 2.6 Mashrafe Mortaza to Asghar Stanikzai, out Caught by Mahmudullah!! Stanikzai c Mahmudullah b Mortaza 1(7)

Over 22.4 Mahmudullah to NK Mangal, out Caught by Rubel!! Nawroz gets down on one knee and slog sweeps it powerfully, he had middled that but ends up finding the fielder. Rubel does well to keep his eyes on the ball, steps back and snaffles a tumbling take in front of the rope. Nawroz c Rubel b Mahmudullah 27(57)

Over 25.4 Taskin Ahmed to Samiullah Shenwari,  out Shenwari Run Out!! 1 run completed. It was a back of a length delivery from Taskin, Shenwari shuffles across to his right and short-arm jabs it to fine leg, Sabbir runs across and gets to the ball and fires the the throw at the striker's end while the batsmen were taking a second run. Mushfiqur does well to collect the ball and whips the bails in an instant. Shenwari run out (S Rahman/Rahim) 42(75)

Over 36.6 Shakib Al Hasan to Najibullah Zadran, out Lbw!! Shakib gives this one more air outside off and gets it to turn back into the batsman, who was looking to tuck it through the on-side, he fails to connect with the ball and is rapped on the pad. Najibullah lbw b Shakib 17(34) 

Over 37.1 Mashrafe Mortaza to Mohammad Nabi, out Caught by Soumya Sarkar!! It was slightly fuller and outside off, Nabi goes for the loft, but doesn't get the elevation nor the timing right. He ends up giving a simple catch to the man at mid-off. Nabi c Soumya Sarkar b Mortaza 44(43)

Over 40.5 Shakib Al Hasan bowls a tossed up delivery to Mirwais Ashraf, no runs,  lunges forward in defence.

Over 41.5 Taskin Ahmed to Hamid Hassan, out Caught by Anamul!!  It was full and outside off, Hamid was looking to slog it, but ends up slicling it to point, who moves to his right and takes another simple catch. Hamid c Anamul b Taskin Ahmed 0(5)

Over 42.5 Shakib Al Hasan to Aftab Alam, out Aftab Alam Run Out!! Aftab goes for the single after driving one ball towards cover, where the fielder dives to his left, stops the ball and fires in the throw at the striker's end, the non-striker didn't respond and Aftab was stranded in the middle of the wicket. Rahim takes the bails off in a flash. Aftab Alam run out (Soumya Sarkar/Rahim) 14(12)