New Zealand vs Sri Lanka 7th ODI at Wellington, 29 Jan, 2015

Toss: Sri Lanka, who chose to bat
Sri Lanka 287/6 (50)
New Zealand 253/10 (45.2)
Sri Lanka won by 34 runs
Man of the Match: KC Sangakkara
  • Mitchell McClenaghan 5 * (6)

Over 37.5 MJ McClenaghan bowls a good length delivery to Seekkuge Prasanna, 1 run, gets across and glances it to fine leg.

Over 38.2 KD Mills bowls it short of length to Seekkuge Prasanna, no runs, gets forward and looks to pull but misses.

Over 38.3 KD Mills to Seekkuge Prasanna, out Lbw!! Full ball from Mills, for some reason, Prasanna gets his front foot right across the stumps and gets into a bit of a tangle. Gets into an awkward position in trying to flick the ball and misses it completely. The ball thuds into the front pad. S Prasanna lbw b Mills 1(3)