Punjab XI vs Chennai XI 66th Match at Dharamsala, 17 May, 2012

Toss: Kings XI Punjab, who choose to bowl first
Chennai XI 120/7 (20)
Punjab XI 123/4 (16.3)
Kings XI Punjab won by 6 wickets
Man of the Match: AC Gilchrist
  • Azhar Mahmood 9 * (7)
  • AC Gilchrist 64 * (46)

Over 8.1DJ Bravo to N Saini, no runsgets forward and defends it to point.

Over 8.2DJ Bravo to N Saini, CAUGHT, Saini goes back to square cut a wide delivery but only manages a thin edge to the keeper.

Over 8.3DJ Bravo to DJ Hussey, no runsgoes back and slaps the wide delivery to mid off.

Over 8.4DJ Bravo to DJ Hussey, beaten, no runsgets forward and is beaten outside off by the away movement.

Over 8.5DJ Bravo to DJ Hussey, no runsgets forward and deflects the slower one off his pad to the keeper down the legside.

Over 8.6DJ Bravo to DJ Hussey, 1 rungoes back and cuts it to deep covers for one.

Over 10.1DJ Bravo to DJ Hussey Boundary! ...

Over 10.2DJ Bravo to DJ HusseyHe is Caught ...

Over 10.3DJ Bravo to SD ChitnisSingle ...

Over 10.4DJ Bravo to AC Gilchrist Single ...

Over 10.5DJ Bravo to SD ChitnisNo runs ...

Over 10.6DJ Bravo to SD ChitnisNo runs ...

Over 13.1DJ Bravo to AC Gilchrist, Boundarygoes back and cuts the wide delivery in the air over backward point for a boundary.

Over 13.2DJ Bravo to AC Gilchrist, 1 rungoes back and pulls it high in the air and the ball falls short of deep mid wicket.

Over 13.3DJ Bravo to SD Chitnis, 1 rungoes back and punches it through covers for one.

Over 13.4DJ Bravo to AC Gilchrist, 1 rungoes back and pulls the short ball with the angle to fine leg for one.

Over 13.5DJ Bravo to SD Chitnis, no runs, ducks under a bouncer around middle.

Over 13.6DJ Bravo to SD Chitnis, Boundary, makes room and smacks the length ball flat over mid off for a boundary.